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Next Series Dates

January 28, 2016

We have been holding back releasing dates for the next 2 Submission Series events due to the number of other events going on in Alberta.

The following dates are:

March 5 (this is tentative as the Capital City Championship is March 19… so this may get moved or cancelled)

May 7. This is set.

The Mind Body Soul will be on June 18 this year and we are looking forward to having a pre-registration process identical to the CBJJF events (same company doing it) which we expect will vastly improve our schedule. We will also be bring in a very experienced Black Belt to referee the whole day. Lots of other changes too, but that will come later.

We love putting on the smaller Submission Series events but we don’t want to over saturate the market and that is starting to happen.

IF you love coming out the the sub series, let us know so we are aware of the interest and we will try harder to find a date that will work for the other promoters.

Please check back for confirmation of the March 5th event.

Love and respect,

Mike Yackulic


15 Tips for New Competitors

December 2, 2015

This is an excerpt from another web page but it has some great tips for you guys looking to compete this weekend.

1. Decide whether you’re going to do takedowns or pull guard. If your standup strategy is a single technique like a “double-leg”, and you are unable to make it happen, just pull guard. If you started Jiu-Jitsu with takedown experience, make for yourself a set of parameters. For example, “If it’s halfway through the match and nothing has happened in terms of standup, I’ll pull guard to get the match going.”

2. Relax Relax Relax. What I mean by relax is to maintain a presence of mind.

3. There’s nothing wrong with being nervous. Don’t spend all your emotional energy fighting your own nervousness. Just accept it.

4. If it’s your first competition, remember that you only have to win each match once. In the training room, you can be lazy because you know there will be more rolling. You think, “Why burn up all my energy fighting this position now when I have another 30 minutes of rolling left?” This doesn’t apply to competitions. When competing you have to go full throttle each match from start to finish.


Looking forward to seeing you guys out this weekend. Mind the parking, read the post below.

Thomas Ryder BJJ

Special Note About Parking

September 18, 2015

With the popularity of The Submission Series growing each year, we have had to deal with needing to keep our business neighbours happy.

Parking is always an issue and I hope that  we Martial Artists are in good enough shape to walk an extra block to come compete.

Please respect the businesses open on Saturday by not parking in front of their business.

Windsor Plywood – They are having a customer appreciation day so please leave spots open

Flooring People

Diecast Depot

Try to park at the end of the parking lot, behind the building our in the neighbouring parking lots to the north and west.  Please see the map below.  Available parking is marked with a green arrow.

I look forward to seeing you out next weekend.

Mike Yackulic

Series PArking

Come on out this weekend

September 14, 2015

IMG_9440This weekend will be the 8th year we have run The Submission Series.  That is over 30 tournaments over the last 7 years (some years we had 5 events) and we are still excited for doing these.  This tournament is great for the beginner or NOOB in BJJ, but also the more competitive as well as we have Championship belts to award at the end of the year.




MAgnus and Ryder BJJThis year we expect to have an even greater turnout for kids than we have had in the past.  The more people we have the more we split up the divisions.  We want this to be a great experience for the kids so we try to keep divisions small but also split them up by age, weight and belt rank. We will add a division for kids to challenge themselves for a championship belt, but it wont be this year.  The more children that come out, the sooner it will happen.


WonderWoman-rectangle1We would love to have the women come out again this year.  These small tournaments can be hit and miss but if you come out there will be one more.  For those that know women that train, encourage them to come out.  The Womens grappling community is very welcoming and supportive.  If you are not sure, then just come out to watch.


If you have any questions, please check out our F.A.Q. section and we look forward to seeing you out this weekend.  It’s a lot of fun.


bjj kids and me

Submission Series Dates for 2015

August 21, 2015

We will be having the first installment of The Submission Series sept 19 at the North Arashi Do location.



The second Series will not be until Dec 5 to not conflict with CBJJF and Brock Myrol events in October and Novemeber.



There will NOT be any Series events in Calgary. Unfortunately it has not been well attended, except for children, and I am sure one of the other schools will host an event under their banner.



Competitiors form all over Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan are welcome to the Submission Series.  It is open to ALL Afilliations and experience levels.



We look forward to seeing you out at our first event and stay tuned to hear about news about a possible children’s Submission Series Champion division.

Submission Series Finals May 30 Fighters are…

May 24, 2015

Sorry to take so terribly long to get the results.

Athletes from both Calgary and Edmonton will be squaring off next weekend at the Mind Body Soul for the custom belts.

Under 140…

A lack of competitors in Edmonton leaves just 2 Calgary fighters competing for the belt.

Adam Graves vs. Noah McMillan

Guess everyone has been bulking up here in Edmonton.



Rowan Campbell vs. Chad Anheligev

Antun Kovacevic vs. Zal Snyder

Eugene Muzyron vs. Allan Clark



DJ Power vs. Isac Hasmaki

Julian Fischer vs. Noah Ali

Andrew Worthington vs. Matt Hilton

Sheldon McKinlay vs. Raiki Yago

Jett Grande vs. Josh Carroll



Marc Lanouette vs. Dean Coslevi

Mike Scarcello vs. Lee Popp

Logan Bruneau vs. Hayden Harrison

TJ Penner vs. Matt Bagshaw



Adam Pingrenon vs. Mah Movo Elfocaly

Bill Campbell vs. Jordan Piski

Jared Tardoff vs. David Phuky

Shane Miller vs. Troy Dunne


206 and up

Well Calgary had no big guys so the finals are:

Cody Krahn vs. Ryan Disher

Cam Dyck vs. Cameron Carew


For those that haven’t registered for the Submission Series finals… YOU MUST DO SO BY WEDNESDAY or you forfeit your position.  In the event your competitor does not come out you get a by to the next round.


You still have several days to Register… but sooner is better than later.


Register now!  Click here


Submission Series this Weekend

April 27, 2015

hey-you-guys copyThis weekend marks the last of The Submission Series for the season.  For the adults its the last chance to secure a spot in the finals  for the Championship Belt which gets awarded at the Mind Body soul May 30th in Edmonton.  The top 4 competitors form Edmonton and Calgary will be in the running for the belt and the spots are still available, SO COME OUT AND COMPETE!


For the rest of the people looking for a fun recreational tournament, this is it.  We have divisions for Children, Women (made day of) and for recreational No Gi as well as Gi divisions for adults split by rank.


We look forward to seeing you out this weekend.  Please check the other pages for info such as time etc.


Beginners are VERY welcome and if you didn’t make a previous Series event that is fine, come on out and have a great time.