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Schedule for the day

November 29, 2019

I have gone through the list of competitors and feel we can stick very close to the original schedule but I did adjust it slightly:



The schedule will be as follows:

Childrens Divisions will be starting with lightest going to heaviest.  No Gi will start after their Gi division is finished

8:30am children registration and weigh ins. Please register and weigh in 30 minutes before your event is scheduled.

9:00am Children’s ages 4,5 & 6/7

10:30am Children 8/9 Gi

11:30am Juniors 10/11

1:00pm Juniors 12/13

1:30pm Teens 14/15

1pm Adult registration and weigh ins.  PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP BEFORE 1pm!

2:00pm Adult No Gi (Starting with 5 lightest in one ring, 5 heaviest in the other and working to the middle)


If you missed registering online (we had a couple issues) we can still do it day of.  Everyone will still need to sign a waiver and pay when they come in.  Sorry our interact is down.  Payment will have to be in cash.

Parents please do not show up before 8:30 to register.

Adults please do not come in before 1 to weigh in.  It is too much of a crowd.  You will be asked to come back later if you show up early.



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