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Where are the Event?

Held at Arashi Do Northside – 12730 St. Albert Trail



How Much Does it Cost?

Children’s Game (ages 6 and under) – $20

Children 7, 8/9, 10/11, 12/13, 14-16 -$30 for 1 division and $40 for both Gi and No Gi

Adults $30 for 1 division and $40 for both Gi and No Gi


How Do I Register?

Registration is done day of and in Cash.  Please do not show up more than an 30 minutes before the event as it creates a mess in the parking lot and packs the school.


Can Beginners Compete?

Absolutely!!! We have separate divisions for beginners.


Can Women Compete?

Yes, Please come out.  The more that come out the more fun it’ll be.  If you came out there would be one more.  Tell your female BJJ’ers to show up and support the Female BJJ Community.


I’ve Never Competed Before… Should I Come Out?

That decision is best left to you and your coach.  But read a article here about my first tournament.  I had no experience at the time.


How Do I Win the Championship Trophy?

Over the 4 tournaments planned, we will take your top 3 scores from those in the Adult Championship Series.  Whoever has the most wins the Trophy


If I Miss an Event Can I Still Compete?

Yes, if you are in the Championship Series we take your top 3 score, sometimes we have someone win 2 events and that is enough to go to the finals.  If you are are not in the Championship Series your scores are not tracked so it doesn’t matter if you miss an event.


What Equipment Do I Need?

A proper fitting, clean gi. Shorts and rashguard/shirt and a mouthguard is always a good idea.


If you have any questions to add, please email us HERE so we can add it to the list.

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