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Submission Series Finals May 30 Fighters are…

May 24, 2015

Sorry to take so terribly long to get the results.

Athletes from both Calgary and Edmonton will be squaring off next weekend at the Mind Body Soul for the custom belts.

Under 140…

A lack of competitors in Edmonton leaves just 2 Calgary fighters competing for the belt.

Adam Graves vs. Noah McMillan

Guess everyone has been bulking up here in Edmonton.



Rowan Campbell vs. Chad Anheligev

Antun Kovacevic vs. Zal Snyder

Eugene Muzyron vs. Allan Clark



DJ Power vs. Isac Hasmaki

Julian Fischer vs. Noah Ali

Andrew Worthington vs. Matt Hilton

Sheldon McKinlay vs. Raiki Yago

Jett Grande vs. Josh Carroll



Marc Lanouette vs. Dean Coslevi

Mike Scarcello vs. Lee Popp

Logan Bruneau vs. Hayden Harrison

TJ Penner vs. Matt Bagshaw



Adam Pingrenon vs. Mah Movo Elfocaly

Bill Campbell vs. Jordan Piski

Jared Tardoff vs. David Phuky

Shane Miller vs. Troy Dunne


206 and up

Well Calgary had no big guys so the finals are:

Cody Krahn vs. Ryan Disher

Cam Dyck vs. Cameron Carew


For those that haven’t registered for the Submission Series finals… YOU MUST DO SO BY WEDNESDAY or you forfeit your position.  In the event your competitor does not come out you get a by to the next round.


You still have several days to Register… but sooner is better than later.


Register now!  Click here


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