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Good day for Everyone

February 21, 2015

magnus matchWe had a vice nice turnout in Edmonton today.  Slightly more that 100 people came out to compete.  68 kids and 41 adults (with 8 women).  The new schedule worked pretty good, less people filling up the space and parking was more manageable.  Thank you to those that avoided parking at the Flooring People and Die Cast Depot, much appreciated.

We are going to adjust the schedule a little more CLICK HERE but nothing drastic.  Our ultimate goal is to have you here for about an hour, unless you want to stay and cheer people on, we are almost there.


Big thanks to the great refs that helped out today, Prof. Andrew Gummer, Steve Newman, Ryan Timoffee, Paul Prit-Phul, Ken Sumner and our great volunteers, Jim, Angela and Rachel.  These people really help make the tournament run smoothly.

Thanks for the support and we will see you at the Capital City Championship March 28 here in Edmonton and then at the next Series May 2.

Have a great weekend,


Mike Yackulic

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