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Why do you Lose in Competition

February 4, 2015

Some times you prepare yourself for competition but it doesn’t go the way you planned.

I did a little looking around and found an article that might interest some of you:



Take a read and get ready for the next Submission Series.  Missed the last couple?  No worries, come out anyways.


How Much Does it Cost?

Children’s Game (ages 6 and under) – $15

Children 7, 8/9, 10/11, 12/13, 14-16 -$20 for 1 division and $30 for both Gi and No Gi

Adults $30 for 1 division and $40 for both Gi and No Gi

Divisions for Men, Women, Children, Beginners and Advanced in Gi and No Gi.


Where are the Events?

Edmonton events are held at Arashi Do Northside – 12730 St. Albert Trail

Calgary events are held at MMA University – 49 Aero Dr NE


See you all out in a couple weeks.


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