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No Tournament Dec 16

December 14, 2018

Just to confirm there is no tournament tomorrow. Please help spread the word.

Someone was asking why. These events, while small, do require volunteers (4 refs and 6 timekeepers/front staff) from 8am-6pm. Usually this is not a problem but this time everyone one of my regulars is either out of town or busy.

While we very much appreciate all the athletes that support the event… it is really the volunteers and refs that make this happen. Most of the athletes and guests that come are there for a couple hours or so. Our staff is there for 10. It makes for very long days for those volunteering their time and difficult for refs if we don’t have enough backup refs to warrant breaks.

I have had many people tell me in the past how happy they are that we hold these events. Thank you for recognizing the work that goes into them. For those that are newer to the scene or hadn’t thought about it, please throw the refs and staff a thanks next time. It is always nice to know you are happy we have these events.

Again I am sorry for the cancellation. We look forward to seeing everyone Feb 2 at the next one. Please help spread the word so no one wastes their time tomorrow coming out to a closed school.

Mike Yackulic

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