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New Season Starting Soon!

August 28, 2016

I have been having a lot of emails about when the Submission Series will be starting up.

Sept 24!

We will be having this one at our North Location on 12730 St. Albert Trail.  We are looking at mixing things up this year in a couple ways.  One thing we will be doing is moving the series around to other host schools.  We are also looking at one big change for the kids… more on that soon, just finalizing some details first.



Kids are coming out in HUGE numbers to compete and having a blast!


This year will be the same format as the others.  Gi then No Gi in the morning for the kids, No Gi then Gi in the afternoon for the adults.  The schedule will be very similar to the past as well as the rules with a few exceptions.  Please check the rules which will be updated by August 31.


There have been a few consistent questions over the many years we have had this tournament, so here are some and their answers.  If you have any questions please ask so I can add them to the list.


Are beginners welcome?

ABSOLUTELY! We actually have more beginners than Advanced show up for these events.  We also have a separate division for beginners/recreational competitors in the No Gi division.


Can I still come out if I miss a tournament?

Yes.  We have four parts to this Series but that only matters if you are going to compete for the Adult No Gi competition Belt.


How do you calculate the scores for the Championships?

We take your top three scores and add them together to  see who the top 4 people are that will compete for the Championship Belt.


What if there is only 2 people in a division… or 3?

If there are only 2 people in a division we will do a best 2 out of 3 to give a chance for more experience.  If there are 3 people we will follow what is laid out by the IBJJF as per the picture below.  To see the rules for the IBJJF please visit:

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 10.35.28 PM

How do I register?

You can register at the door on the day of. Registration is done with cash only and there is not a ATM at the club so please be prepared.  There is no charge for spectators.


When can I weigh in?

You can weigh in 1 hour before your event is scheduled to start.  For younger children who start off the day please only come 30 minutes early.


When are the other dates?

Part 1 is Sept 24, Part 2 is Dec 10, Part 3 is Feb 11, Part 4 is April 1 and the Finals will be at the Mind Body Soul June 3.


I don’t train at a club or I train at a non-Arashi Do club, can I still come out?

You bet, this is an open tournament and we encourage everyone to come out.


Good luck for those coming out, we will see you September 24.

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