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Next Series Dates

January 28, 2016

We have been holding back releasing dates for the next 2 Submission Series events due to the number of other events going on in Alberta.

The following dates are:

March 5 (this is tentative as the Capital City Championship is March 19… so this may get moved or cancelled)

May 7. This is set.

The Mind Body Soul will be on June 18 this year and we are looking forward to having a pre-registration process identical to the CBJJF events (same company doing it) which we expect will vastly improve our schedule. We will also be bring in a very experienced Black Belt to referee the whole day. Lots of other changes too, but that will come later.

We love putting on the smaller Submission Series events but we don’t want to over saturate the market and that is starting to happen.

IF you love coming out the the sub series, let us know so we are aware of the interest and we will try harder to find a date that will work for the other promoters.

Please check back for confirmation of the March 5th event.

Love and respect,

Mike Yackulic

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