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1 Week Out

September 13, 2014

Next week will be the 1st Instalment of this Seasons Submission Series.  Divisions for Children, Adults (Men and Women) Beginners as well as Experienced Competitors.

Edmonton BJJ Tournament Belt

Custom Belts for Series Champions

This year marks our 9th Season with over 40 Submission Series tournaments in the books.  

We are very happy to have this long running tournament do so well.  Every year more and more Children and Adults come out and compete for the first time in these smaller tournaments or use them to practice their “B” game moves for bigger tournaments.  We are doing our best to cater to both groups by having numerous divisions for both the beginner and advanced.

Childrens BJJ Tournament

Fun yet Competitive for kids 4 and up



Do we NOT have a division that suits your needs??? ie Executive Divisions?  As always I aim to please.  If you are interested in a specific division please let me know and we will do our best to accommodate.  At the last Mind Body Soul we had over 25 Executive men and over 30 Women come out to compete.  If we keep interest high we can make these regular divisions.


But wait… there’s more.  I like to try to offer more.  Here is another video I thought was pretty cool.  Hope it’s new to you:

Before you get too excited check out the comments section

For more info please check the Rules Page.

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