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Dates Set for the 2014/2015 season

September 3, 2014

2011_06_25_6309We are just finishing up the details but they look pretty good barring any future conflicts.

Edmonton and Calgary dates will be the same unless otherwise posted.

Edmonton events will be held at Arashi Do North and Calgary events at MMA University.

Part 1 – Sept 20
Part 2 – Nov 22
Part 3 – Feb 28
Part 4 – May 2
Finals at the Mind Body Soul June 6

To place for the finals in June 2015 we will take your top 3 scores to see how you place.

We then take the top 4 competitors from Edmonton and Calgary to face off for the Custom Belts.IMG_9440




As in years past we will have the following divisions:

Children’s Gi and No Gi separated by Age and Weight
Adult BEGINNER No Gi and Gi separated by weight
Adult Championship No Gi (belt Division) and Color Belt Gi

We strongly encourage Beginners to come out as well as women. These are great practice tournaments for Beginners.

DOUBLE ELIMINATION – Will be for Children Gi divisions and Adult Beginner Gi Divisions only.


Please check out the rules page for your AGE or SKILL LEVEL.

2 HAnd Under PAss

Good luck to ALL competing, this is an OPEN tournament.  ALL schools and Affiliations are welcome to come represent their School/Instructors


PS  Keep up to Date by checking out our Facebook Page:


Until then, keep training and check out this video by Andre Galvao:

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