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Submission Series Finals Match Ups

June 16, 2014

Here are the match ups for The Submission Series Finals.

Under 140 Edmonton


Scott Davidson  – BY – 
Blake Dixon Sam Franchi
Jesse Atwell Keegan Oliver
Kyler T BJ Baldonado


141-155 Edmonton vs. Calgary
Ryan Williams Chad Anheligev
Matt Good Adam Higgins
Austin Ryan Zack Snyder
Mike Davis Allan Clarke


We are missing some of the data for the 156-170 division for people from Calgary

156-170 Edmonton vs. Calgary
Justin Glavish
Dominque Arsenault
Tyler Davis  Eric Andre
Chris Chapman Alec Klonowska


171-185 Edmonton vs. Calgary
Dylan Ferguson William Boerhuis
Landon Coderre Matt Hilton
Marc Lanouette Makenzie Duke
Tyson Neufeld Matt Bagshaw


186-205 Edmonton vs. Calgary
Travis Marshal  – BY –
Alex Paul Kurt White
Roger Alves Lee Popp
Mark Dueck Hayden Harrison


206 and up Edmonton vs. Calgary
Correy Payette Justin Schmidt
KB Buhullar Jordan Piski
Bernie St. Pierre Harold Schmidt
 – BY – David Phuky


If you see any mistakes please let me know.  The #1 competitor from Edm will go against the #4 competitor from Calgary and vice versa.  So Calgary competitors are listed in backwards order.


Good luck to all and see you Sat.  Be sure to register:

Register_ButtonPre-Registration closes Wednesday June 18 at 11pm.  So now is the time to make your plans.

You can register here:

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