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Finals Are Coming Up

October 30, 2012

Still waiting for some results from Calgary to come in, but so far the leaders are:



Under 140lbs    
1 AJ Calleja Chaleur Daniels
2 Michael Davis Adam Higgins
3 Dang Huynh Eric Robertson
4   Darian Wannamaker
141 to 155lbs    
1 Matt Good Andrew Derry
2 Ryan Williams Bradley Neufeld
3 Austin Ryan Aaron Kuong
4 John Miltenberger  
156 to 170lbs    
1 Drew Weatherhead  
2 Calvin Yeong  
3 Don Yardley  
4 Eric Andre  
171 to 185lbs    
1 Darryl Bandstra Scott Bennet
2 Dylan Ferguson  
3 James Petryk  
4 Marc Lanouette  
186 to 205lbs    
1 Marc Wahl Kia Reintjes
2 Shane Miller  
3 Mark Dueck  
  Dwight Roux  
206 and up    
1 Ken Sumner Michael Kutchyera
2 Greg Garbolinski  
3 Jared McComb  
4 Dean Berger  


As more results from Calgary come in I will post them

The format is the #1 Competitor from Edmonton will line up with the #4 Competitor from Calgary for the first round as follows:

#1 #4
#2 #3
#3 #2
#4 #1


In the event there is not enough competitors from one area, the person from the opposing area will receive a by


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